“Easyboots aren’t what they used to be.”

I think it’s true and I heard this comment more than a few times over the course of the three days at the annual AERC Convention last weekend at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada.

An unusual sight: Dave Rabe in long pants. Dave is AERC Hall of Fame Recipient 2009.

The Original Easyboot played second fiddle over the weekend, taking up its new position on the display stand at the back of the EasyCare booth. The Original Easyboot’s undisputed reputation is set in stone: it remains essential equipment for shod and barefoot horse owners alike. But there is a new concertmaster in town bringing an extensive list of accomplishments.

Enjoying prime position on center stage last weekend, the Easyboot Glove and its partner the Glue-On definitely stole the show.

Garrett Ford and Miriam Rezine greet conference attendees as soon as the EasyCare booth opened.

The EasyCare booth was five and six people deep for many of the exhibit floor hours: it was a great chance for new, prospective and seasoned boot users to pick up the new products and see first hand the efficient design. People were most impressed with the lack of moving parts: fewer components mean less weight and less risk of equipment malfunction. It also keeps the price point very compelling.

Conference attendees got to see first hand some of the new technology EasyCare is developing. Look for emerging design updates being alpha tested by riders across the country. The momentum of boot design evolution is definitely making us all sit up and listen.

A Special Note
We could not have been more proud to celebrate Dave Rabe’s induction into the Hall of Fame. “I suppose I like a horse that bucks and runs away with me. That’s why people send me their horses.” said Dave when he accepted the award on Saturday night. “I like to ride point to point because before you know it, you are crossing state lines.” Dave has helped hundreds of us make the right choices and make the miles whirl by as we go down the trail. There is no-one more deserving of this award than this living icon.

Counting The Score
One of the most exciting elements of the convention is the recognition of annual rider and equine accomplishments. AERC Easyboot users enjoyed a fantastic year.

– 21,000 competition miles
– 160 + top ten finishes
– 65+ first place finishes
– 45+ Best Condition awards
– 1st Place AERC 100 Mile National Championship
– Best Condition AERC 100 Mile National Championship
– 2 Top Ten Tevis Cup finishes
– 14 Tevis Cup finishes

Dave Rabe and Kadee Felton Take A Bow

The number of boot users throughout the regions continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Booted horses are sprinkled evenly throughout the pack at every event. If you think using boots might slow you down; think again. There were many boot users and horses who received special recognition at the national awards ceremony. Here is a sample of some of their achievements:

– Hall of Fame Award – Dave Rabe: 45,815 lifetime miles, including 2,370 competition miles in 2009 alone
– Bob & Julie Suhr Husband & Wife Team Award: 1st Place – Jeremy & Heather Reynolds: 2,180 competition miles
– Jim Jones Stallion Award: 6th Place – DWA Express owned by Global Endurance Training Center
– National 100 Mile Award: 2nd Place – Farzad Faryadi
– National Best Condition Award: 2nd Place – Garrett Ford, 9 BCs.
– Regional Mileage Award: 1st Place Southwest – Kevin Waters, 1,990 miles
– Regional Mileage Award: 1st Place West – Dave Rabe, 2,370 miles
– Pioneer Award

2nd Place Featherweight – Clydea Hastie
4th Place Lightweight – Terri Tinkham
9th Place Lightweight – Carla Richardson
2nd Place Middleweight – Kerry Greear
3rd Place Middleweight – Dave Rabe
1st Place Heavyweight – Kevin Waters
4th Place Junior – Robyn Wadey

There was also an impressive chorus of booted horses and riders throughout the regional point standings awards, including Kadee Felton (above) who achieved more than 910 miles and 3 top tens.

Please join us in offering all of the Easyboot riders a standing ovation for their outstanding accomplishments throughout 2009.