Check out the lastest eposide of the "Hoof Boot Train".  Mr. Steel and Mr. Hoof Boot discuss the pros and cons of natural hoof care and hoof boots.  The approach is intended to be humorous and poke fun at both sides.

In this eposide Mr. Steel calls Mr. Hoof Boot a "wacky green guy who practices natural hoof care".  We hope to have some fun with the arguements that many people take way to serious.  Topics like Hoof boots, cheap horse boots, hoof glue, horse hoof trimming, natural horse care, how to shoe a horse and barefoot trimming are all game. 


  1. I know this is supposed to riff off the Mac/PC idea, but I found the characterizations odd. Barefoot folk are not generally known as wacky green types, but just commonsense people who are thinking carefully about hoof health and aren’t afraid to defy convention. This didn’t resonate with we at all–in fact, I found it rather offputting.

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