Fit, Fit, Fit.  When Easyboots are fitted correctly, you and your horse can accomplish the most challenging events and terrain in the world. In the last 12 months, Easybooted endurance horses have finished the Old Dominion 100, Big Horn 100, Tevis 100, Git R Done 100 , Fort Howes 100, FITS 100, UAE 100 Mile President’s Cup, Biltmore 100 and the Quilty 100. The success stories roll in daily.

Dave Rabe and Christoph Schork on the way down the Tevis trail in Easyboots.

“At another ride last week a friend told me afterwards that you couldn’t get lost if you just followed the boots on the trail.”

In reality, boots continue to get better and the number of users is growing at an unprecedented rate. Don’t listen to the Easyboot naysayers. Look at the facts – they are indisputable.

Easyboot after 100 mile Tevis Cup

Easyboots after the 100 mile Tevis Cup event.