Over the past several years EasyCare has used the summer months to concentrate on hoof boot research and development.  We put together a list of concentration during the winter months and produce a limited amount of testing samples for summer riding.  The majority of the new EasyCare hoof boots have been developed through his summer testing.  The Easyboot Glove, Easyboot Glue-On, Easyboot Bare and Easyboot Rx have all come through applying customer feedback and then testing the results in tough summer riding.

Lisa Ford Testing new hoof boot glues
Lisa Ford tests a new hoof boot adhesive and packing combo.  2,700 feet of climb in less than 4 miles.  Hills, water and speed are the toughest test on hoof boots. 

The 2010 summer testing is shaping up to bring some improved horse boot designs to the equine market.  Early results have been strong and some of the new boots will be seen at events soon.  If all goes well these improvements and new designs will be included into the January 2011 product range.

Heading down the mountain.  It was a good weekend of hoof boot testing.