Do you find yourself having trouble measuring your horses hooves with a standard ruler? It can be difficult trying to remember the marks on a ruler are in 1/16 increments and where this is in conjunction with your horses hoof measurement.

Sizing accuracy is extremely important in order to obtain the correct protective horse boot.

We encourage everyone to ask EasyCare for help when sizing for Easyboots. We are always glad to assist in explaining how to measure and always reminding our customers that first of all, obtaining a fresh trim measurement is of utmost importance prior to ordering your boots.

Remember to refer to the sizing chart that you will find with each of our boots.

The great thing about the measuring tips is that they apply to all boots whether it is the new Glove, Easyboot Bare, Epics, Boas or Old Macs, you can’t go wrong following these guidelines.



Marcie Mendoza