EasyCare’s 2010 Hoof Boot Contest is well under way.  Currently over 100 riders have entered the contest and already logged over 6000 miles!

Riders, you asked and we listened.  Mileage verification forms will no longer require a vet signature.  You will still need to get 2 finishing rider signatures before sending your form back into EasyCare.  Click here to download the newly modified form that is available for download from the EasyCare Website.  

If you haven’t already entered the contest it’s not too late to join in on the fun!  Just download the entry form and send it on in or fill out the new online form!

Click here to see the current contest standings.  Results are updated weekly!

Tara Kelly


Customer Service

In addition to my role as a customer service representative, I manage the Hoof Boot Contest, and help compile and edit copy for our publicity and promotional activities. If you’ve ever called EasyCare, there is a good chance we have chatted a time or two.