Our ride season will begin with a bang! The proud recipient of the winning prize money for EasyCare’s Facebook T-Shirt contest will be marching this check to the bank today and exchanging it for a FREE & CLEAR title to our horse trailer WAY AHEAD of schedule.  What an awesome start to the ride season. Thank you everyone at EasyCare!

Phebes (Lil Bit of Magic) will debut her ride season this weekend. We will meet our nemesis (The Chicken Chase) and hope to conquer it, instead of it conquering us…like last year. The horse trailer is packed, ready to go as we two virtual newbies set out to begin our ride season at The Chicken Chase being held in the Clark State Forest. For you who have not met my horse she is an arabian/spotted saddlebred cross, moody, tempermental and extremely challenging to this sport. We have struggled with eating, drinking, metabolics, trailering. She has taken nothing in stride except for her hoof boots. Period.

Thank goodness for her Gloves so at least the hooves are a non-issue.  The Glove in the photo has been on many training rides, at the walk, trot, and canter, on pavement, in deep mud, sharp rocks & gravel, and two LD’s. Our hoof boots are holding up great with one year of use.

So off we go… stay tuned.

~ Endurance Granny