Today was my horse’s first real experience with road riding.  Lil Bit of Magic was booted 4X4 with her Easyboot Gloves.   I had some trepidation about this training session in general.  First, my horse has had minimal experience on the road, second the pavement was wet having just thawed from a deep freeze the past two weeks,  and last I was worried about traction and safety with the boots.  Another endurance rider led the way, and I was very pleased with our nine mile journey down the highway, paved, and graveled county roads.  We galloped fast down a gravel road and my horse’s boots were hanging with it fine.  We did not slip or slide at all.  I was extremely pleased with the performance of her hoof boots.  No rubs!   Today was another landmark as well,  we have logged 1000 training miles, mostly with a bare hoof, with Easyboot Gloves as backup, for when the rubber meets the road.