I’ve used EasyCare boots for many years, almost always just on front hooves. Last fall, I bought a mare and transitioned her to barefoot. I always put front Gloves on her “just in case” even though we ride mainly on dirt. I started to get concerned that her hocks were bothering her because she’d randomly take some really bad steps behind and it reminded me of my other horse when he was in the early stages of bone spavin. One day, our planned route was rockier than usual so I booted her fronts AND her hinds and much to my surprise the ‘hock’ issue went away. It was just her needing hind boots all along! I now boot her on all four every ride and she’s moving great. She’s done a NATRC ride and will soon be doing her first AERC LD ride.

Name: Kristi
City: BooneIA USA
Equine Discipline: Competitive Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove