Hello from Canada! I have been a team member since it was set up originally. I am a natural hoofcare practioner and clinician. My path with boots started when I needed them for my foundered gelding.

That was five years ago. Easyboots have helped him greatly over the years and allow him to recover from his bad spells as well as do the many miles of trail that we do. I have three horses: a Foxtrotter, a Tennessee Walker and a Paso Fino. I guess you would say I love to gait!

Spirit & Barb

I have learned my craft of hoof care from James Welz. They come up and do clinics here in Manitoba. I live near Carberry, Manitoba in the rolling sand hills and parkland area. I trail ride, teach natural horsemanship, and do some competitive trail as well.

Recently I got a pair of the RX boots for Spirit, my foundered TWH and I am liking them for turnout when he is sore. He is sore right now as there is a lot of ice and hard ground still.

My favorite boot is the Glove. I haven’t tried the Edge or Grip yet. I have been instrumental in getting our local police patrol horses out of iron shoes and into boots. They just pulled their shoes this spring and are trimming them naturally and wearing boots as needed with studs for when it is icy.

Barb Fenwick