Have you ever come back from a ride to find you have lost a cap to your Boa Hoof Boot? Sometimes it’s tough to determine if the Boa cap is tight enough. Of course if it’s not tight enough, it can come off leaving the Boa Dial exposed. Here are some helpful tips to ensure successful installation of this protective cap.

Begin with the cap showing the "BOA" lettering vertical.  This is actually the only way the cap will go on correctly.


Next twist the cap clockwise.  Then you will hear a series of clicks. The cap will be in the tightest position when the "BOA" lettering is horizontal.


Follow these instructions to help prevent losing a cap to your protective horse boot. However, if you do happen to lose or or misplace this handy protective cap you can always contact the team at EasyCare for a replacement of your Boa Cap and any other horse hoof care products you may need.

Tara Kelly


Customer Service

In addition to my role as a customer service representative, I manage the Hoof Boot Contest, and help compile and edit copy for our publicity and promotional activities. If you’ve ever called EasyCare, there is a good chance we have chatted a time or two.