"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past." – Thomas Jefferson

I have always enjoyed quotes and clichés. Why? Well, quotes provoke thought and clichés are usually true. Business is a lot like life – you can choose to lead or follow, swim upstream or follow the current. EasyCare chooses to swim upstream and has always been on the cutting edge.

Below are three ways we lead the market by thinking differently.

  1. Fulfill needs of the community
    As a company you have to make money but great companies choose how to make money. EasyCare has built products and invested in the future by continually being aware of community's needs. We manufacture hoof boots that provide solutions for people and their horses. We don't bring a product to market and then tell the public how much they need to buy it: we listen to our customers, take to heart what they express, and develop products that serve a need.
  2. Provoke thought
    Since 1970 when Dr. Neil Glass developed the first Easyboot, the masses had their opinions and judgments. EasyCare's focus has never been just about financial return. As a company, we are in the business of producing products that improve the lives of our users. Our products have sparked debate and discussion for over 40 years and have helped create movement within an institution that has changed historical beliefs and methods. 
  3. Invest in staff, branding and R&D
    We have invested a lot in our staff through empowerment, emotional engagement and values-based leadership. When you call EasyCare, you will notice our objectives may be different than those of other companies. We pride ourselves in having the strongest support team possible. Our brand is our lifeline, we spend more time researching and developing new products and or making improvements to exiting products than most companies could ever imagine.

Brian Mueller


Director of Sales

As the director of sales, I am responsible for identifying new dealer opportunities and building on existing relationships to foster ideas and create additional growth.