Much of the world has been suffering through this winter season, horrible floods in the UK, devastating drought in California, and here in the Northeast there has been bitter cold combined with massive amounts of snow and ice.

In my area, we can ride to some extent all winter long. Below, the photo on the left shows what our trails look like in good years with some snow on the ground. However this year, we have had more challenges getting out to ride than any previous year I can remember. The hardest part has been the bitterly cold temperatures with wind chills up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, and huge ice storms leaving many without power and significant damage to trees (the photo on the right).

I’ve found the EasyShoes stay on quite well using only PolyFlex Bond or Adhere glue methods, even with all the snow and wet. This is my dressage champion, Windy, with his fourth pair of EasyShoes.

For the above application, I used Garrett’s Adhere technique demonstrated in this video: EasyShoe Performance/Sport Application with Vettec Adhere .

For more icy conditions and more extreme footing, a little extra traction gives you a sense of security. In my blog EasyShoes: Daisy Haven Farm Style, I featured a PolyFlex Bond application using the EasyShoe Performance N/G with glue and 2 nails per shoe. This horse’s owner asked to try studs in her next pair of EasyShoes. While she hadn’t experienced any slipping, the owner wanted to be proactive for her next rides out given the increasing amount of ice. Here is her riding ring and icy conditions:

We decided to install the EasyCare Quick Studs to the shoe before applying the shoe to the foot. I believe they could be applied with the shoes already on, but since we had the option, this seemed easier. We debated what stud pattern to use, and decided on the wider based arrangement (left photo).

The EasyCare Quick Studs work in the EasyShoe just like they would be applied to an Easyboot. Using an electric drill, we drilled a pilot hole with a 1/4″ drill bit then installed the Quick Stud with the Quick Stud Application Tool.  

The studs went in quite easily and looked good on the foot! 

I have many horses in EasyShoes that have not needed studs for traction in the wet and snow, however, it’s nice to know when you feel you need a little extra, EasyCare Quick Studs are a simple solution!

If you’d like to learn this and other EasyShoe techniques, please join us at an upcoming EasyShoe Clinic. Click here for additional details: EasyShoe Clinics.