EasyCare Product Specialist, Jordan Junkermann, put her Easyboot Glove Softs to the test at Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park recently. They worked great for Jordan and her horse, Pistol!

Here’s what Jordan shared with us about her trip:

Because I work at EasyCare, I get to talk to a ton of people who are trying to get their horses fitted for boots before a big riding trip. I enjoy living vicariously through their experiences and do my best to help them get hoof protection before they have to hit the road. But this time I got to be the one on the big riding trip!

I spent five days in the Black Hills at Custer State Park in South Dakota. They have a great horse camp area with showers and bathrooms and horse pens. It was the furthest my horse and I had traveled from home together. I was grateful to travel with experienced people, and thankfully everything went smoothly.

We spent most of the week riding out from camp because there were miles of trail access right from camp! Our first day we intended to do a 10-mile loop, but it turned into 19 miles instead. We started on French Creek, which as you can imagine, followed the creek. We had to cross it several times.

Easyboot Glove Softs, wet from the creek

Pistol wore Easyboot Fury Slings on her front hooves and Easyboot Glove Softs on her hind hooves. I was a little worried about all of the water crossings with the boots because Pistol had a fresh trim and her feet were a little smaller than I was expecting. But both boot styles stayed on great each day!

I only had one small boot issue on the trip. One t-nut on one of the Fury Sling boots broke somehow, so I ended up using the Glove Soft for the remainder of the trip. (When I got home it was an easy fix. If I had a few extra screws with me I could have replaced it quickly at camp.)

On the second day we opted for a drier route and rode for 11 miles along the Centennial Trail. The terrain in the area was packed dirt with scattered rock on single track trails. I was grateful for the protection and support Pistol’s Easyboots provided for her.

Although the rides on our first two days were beautiful and fun, our ride on the third day was my favorite. We had to trailer the horses to get to the trail-head, but we were able to ride our horses to Mount Rushmore! The ride was 11 miles and the view, of course, was to die for.

Before we started for home on the last day, myself and my travel partner headed out for one last, short ride. Just a two-mile loop along the creek to stretch the horses’ legs.

What an amazing trip!