Did you know that April 26th is National Help a Horse Day? Dating back to 1863, National Help a Horse Day was established to create awareness and promote the health of horses across the country. This day has spread in the US and internationally, with people all over the world celebrating these amazing equines. To celebrate, we wanted to highlight an organization who is helping both horses and humans.

Helping Thru Horses is a small but mighty non-profit rescue located in Culleoka, Tennessee. Troy Freeman founded Helping Thru Horses in 2017 with the mission of rehabilitation and restoration of both horses and people. The two horses who started it all, Buddy and Sissy, are both rescues themselves. Despite the health issues that both of them faced, Troy knew their kind spirits had a greater purpose of helping humans. Troy has dedicated countless hours of care to Buddy and Sissy, making them healthy and happy as therapy horses. Now, they have helped hundreds of humans through equine therapy.

Thanks to the Easyboot Trail, Buddy and Sissy are much more comfortable in the paddock. Troy has peace of mind knowing they are protected during turnout and therapy sessions.

Troy shares: “Thank you EasyCare for helping our non-profit rescue, Helping Thru Horses. You are a true blessing to our horses. Sissy was born with so many health issues that we thought that she would need to be euthanized at age 2. I have dedicated the past 6 years to help Sissy recover from her multiple health issues. The biggest one being Epiphysitis. As a yearling, Sissy’s bones started growing faster than her ligaments and tendons and she could hardly walk or stand. With the advice and direction of our tremendous vet, Dr. Sullivan at West Coast Equine, I was able to help Sissy recover to where she is fully capable of walking and running now.”

“Now, Sissy is a great therapy horse and teaches young adults about the ability to overcome tremendous adversities in life. Because of her physical condition, we needed to find a boot that would give her support and comfort, plus stay on. The Easyboot Trail has been that great support that Sissy needs to stay in balance – plus they look great!

Thank you EasyCare for making Sissy’s life comfortable and healthy.”

-Troy Freeman