My horse has one leg that turns out and that foot has practically no heel. His other foot has a high heel. I did end up learning from your article that he has the “high low” problem and or long legs and a shorter neck which causes him to always put the same foot forward when he grazes.

With metal shoes on he always walked with real short strides. When he lost a shoe he was lame until I could get it put back on. After reading up on the hoof boots I decided to go that route. I pulled his shoes and started him on hoof supplements.

What an amazing difference in his feet! We ride in some really rocky terrain so I ordered him the Easyboot Edges. He rides like a different horse! He steps out in the stride he was meant to with his long legs! He still hates being dirty and itchy though and in this one picture he is scratching one leg with the other. So far I am the only person I know in my area that uses them! But they are generating a lot of interest.

Thank you EasyCare for making my horse comfortable enough to walk off the way he was meant to.

Name: Kim DeCouto
City: Beaver
State: PA
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove