Submitted by Kelly J. Adam, EasyCare Customer

No sad stories for my best friend Buddy. Two years ago Buddy was needing a new job and I was looking for a friend I could take long walks and grow old with. All the stars aligned and Buddy and I met. It was love at first sight.

In order to convert Buddy to being barefoot after an abscess I knew I would do anything to make him comfortable. I researched and worked with Bud, our farrier, and ordered the Easyboot Cloud. We did a happy dance when we saw the relief on Buddy’s face when he walked through the barn in his Clouds.

I was so pleased with Buddy and his happy feet that I ordered the New Mac, which he wears every time we go for our walks.

Throughout the Summer Buddy wore his Easyboot Transitions. I think the Transition is his favorite.

Louisville, Kentucky’s retired Mounted Police Cochise Buddy is living the life he deserves. Thank you, EasyCare and Bud, our farrier, for giving him happy feet!