This past weekend I put my new hoof boot gluing skills to the test. I was to glue boots on my own horse without anyone’s help right before the La Cienigas Endurance Ride. In the past I have helped glue on boots several times, but until now had always glued the boots on with another persons help.

Under the expert eye of Christoph Schork who has many barefoot horses, I was to glue on my horses new Easyboot Glue-On horse boots without any of his help.

I found that there were a few key tricks that made the process much easier.

First, keep your horse in a quiet area with less distractions, and keep that The shells help keep your horses hooves clean as you glue on the other boots.area clean and dry with only the tools that you will need near you. Once your horses hoof is prepped and cleaned, it helps to have the shells that you will be using on the horse. It’s one less thing to worry about having near you and it keeps the horses hoof clean while you glue on the other hoof boots.

Second, make sure that you have ALL the tools that you will need to glue on the horse boots within reach. You don’t want to be stuck with glue on your horses hoof with a tool like your rubber mallet being just out of reach.
This would be the worst time to realize that a tool you need is out of reach!
Third, run the process through your head a few times. This really helped me make sure that I had everything I needed around me and also prepared me for gluing on the boots.

The first 2 boots I glued on were pretty messy because I used a bit to much Goober Glue, but by the time I got to the last two, I had an idea of how much glue to use and they looked much neater.

If you know that you will eventually have to glue boots on alone, I would highly recommend doing a test run before gluing boots on right before a big event. Practice makes perfect, and you will find that there are certain things that will make the process easier on yourself.

To my delight, the hoof boots made it through the weekend and don’t look like they are in danger of coming off anytime soon!

Posted by Miriam Rezine