Yvonne Wells and Belle 

Yvonne Welz of Litchfield Park, AZ shares with us these fantastic photos of her beautiful mare Belle strutting their stuff in Easyboot Gloves. Many of you know Yvonne as the editor and publisher of The Horse’s Hoof; her husband James is also a professional barefoot trimmer. Yvonne shares with us her thoughts on the Glove and how it performs in the sport of dressage.

Belle (registered name Gezebella) is a 7 yo, 16’2 hand, German warmblood mare, branded Rheinland Pfalz-Saar (RPSI) registry, by Gatsby out of a Furioso mare. I have owned her since she was a yearling, and done all her training. She has shown through 2nd level dressage, and is currently schooling 3rd & 4th level.

Yvonne Wells and Belle - showing their stuff!

We’ve been testing out the Gloves to see if they will work for dressage training, and they have exceeded my expectations. I can’t even tell when they are on. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to every rider, whether they are trail or arena riding. These boots are so unobtrusive, they do not interfere with the horse’s gaits in any way. Lateral work, extended and collected gaits are all performed as though there were no boot on.

Not just for use after removing shoes; in fact, I think these boots will be a great benefit for anyone who finds themselves having to work on poor quality footing! While we barefoot folks want hard hooves, when practicing dressage, we want springy footing under those hooves. Our arenas turn to nearly rock in the summer, so the Glove hoof boots give me extra confidence that I don’t have to worry about uneven ground affecting the quality of gait during practice. The Easyboot Gloves are easy to apply and barely noticeable to the onlooker or the rider.”

Thanks EasyCare!

Yvonne Welz

Yvonne Wells and Belle - looking good!

Debbie Schwiebert