When seeingGloves after the Strawberry Fields Ride our Easyboot Glove for the first time, some people seem to doubt how well the boots stay on. I have had people say that there is no way that these boots will stay on in mud, that they would just get sucked off.

Well take a look at a few pictures of these Glove boots at the Strawberry Fields Endurance ride in Utah this year.
Garrett's Gloves and splint boots after Strawberry Fields
The conditions were extremely muddy and plenty of booted horses participated in this ride. EasyCare’s president Garrett Ford, completed 105 miles at this ride and took home a 6th, 1st and two Best Conditions awards on his horse GE Cyclone who wore Gloves.

Another example is the KentuckyChristoph Schork and TC Mounshine brave the mud in Kentucky Cup that took place in Lexington this past October. The conditions were horrible and horses trudged through the mud with studs fitted to their Easyboot Glue ons.

These are only a few examples of the Gloves in mud and it only goes to prove that these boots can stay on through just about anything if they fit correctly!

Posted by Miriam Rezine