My name is Jakob and I am twelve years old. I have two horses, Beauty and Zaza. I got Beauty four years ago and Zaza a few months ago. This month, I rode Beauty in the Weaver Basin 50. I was the only junior in the 50. It was a tough ride. I also completed Whiskeytown in April. I did the 25 on both days on Beauty, so after Weaver Basin, Beauty and I received the Shasta-Trinity Triple Crown. I was the only junior to compete for the Triple Crown. All three rides were in Easyboot Gloves.

I like Easyboots because they stay on my horse. When I rode Cache Creek two years ago, Beauty and I were overtime at the finish because her boots kept coming off; that’s when we decided to try Easyboot Gloves. The Easyboots fit her. She is 1 Wide in the front and a 0.5 Wide in the back. The Easyboots are also easy to put on. I can put them on by myself using my mom’s rubber mallet. And I like that they come in red and blue. My colors are red and blue.

My goal is to ride Tevis next year. I also want to ride more 50s next year on both Beauty and Zaza. I will keep using Easyboots year after year.

Name: Jakob
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove