Submitted by Karen Bumgarner, Team Easyboot 2016 Member

I had two multi-days on my ride radar, Strawberry Fields in Utah and Oregon Outback in Oregon. They were spaced two weeks apart. My goal was all three days on Thunder at Strawberry. My friend, Colleen Martin, was riding my grey gelding with her goal being days one and three. My unorthodox protocol is to use just Sikaflex and no Adhere. I often use somewhat used Easyboot Gloves and remove the gator once the Sikaflex cures. However this time I took Glue-On shells, drilled holes in the sides and temporarily attached gators. The reason being the gators would stabilize the shells so they stay in place while the Sikaflex sets up. I did this Tuesday, June 14. I removed the gators on June 15 and we left for Strawberry Reservoir the same day. This would give us a day to explore a little and rest up before the ride started.

I love it when a plan comes together and it worked pretty well, if I do say so myself. I did lose two front boots during the three days but I believe that was my own fault. I was trying to avoid having too much Sikaflex squirt out the back of the boot and stick to my horse’s heel. I have tried using oily products on the heel to prevent the Sikaflex from sticking where I don’t want it to but haven’t succeeded with that. Proof as to just how sticky the stuff is. Anyway because of trying to avoid that problem, I don’t believe that I used enough Sik in those front boots and that is why I lost them. However, I was carrying a pair of Gloves and replaced each lost front boot with a Glove and we continued towards our goal.

All four of Blue’s boots stayed glued on as he and Colleen Martin completed the 50 on both days one and three. This Day three photo from the top of the world taken by Steve Bradley. 

Between the Gloves and Glue-On’s, Thunder and I finished all three days and got Pioneer status. Steve Bradley took this one on Day two.

Once back home from Strawberry, Colleen and I started planning Oregon Outback as we went on a nice ride near Eagle, Idaho. The horses were doing great! Since Blue would just be doing one day at Oregon Outback, we removed his Glue-On boots. They had been on a bit longer than a week. Blue could just wear Gloves for a day. But I wanted to do all three days again at Oregon Outback with Thunder, that is if all would go well. One of the problems with multi-days is avoiding pastern irritation or scratches. With or without boots this is always a problem, especially with pink skin. Thunder’s hind boots were still nice and tight. I decided to just leave them on. Now I know EasyCare suggests not leaving Glue-Ons in place for more than 10 days. I thought it through and my horses aren’t in much wet or mud this time of year. I don’t let them on the pasture when the irrigation is running either, so I felt like my chances of my horse acquiring thrush from leaving the boots on were pretty slim. So I made the choice of leaving the hind boots on, and before leaving for Outback I Sikaflexed my cleaned out boots onto Thunder’s front hooves. And once more, we were all set with Glue-On boots all the way around.

Colleen Martin took this at the start of Day two at Oregon Outback. Thunder’s Sikaflex glued boots were successful for the entire three days. This saved me from removing and cleaning Gloves each day but it also allowed Thunder to move freely and fluidly for all three days. My friend, also pictured, Trish Frahm, used Gloves on her mare for days one and two. Her mare’s first two consecutive days of endurance.

Back home from our adventures and the horses got some welcome pasture time. It was July 5 when I went out to remove the boots. Even after nearly three weeks those hind boots were tough to remove. And the hooves themselves? Healthy as could be. Here they are after a little trim. Ready for more miles and more of what Thunder loves, going down the trail!