I love Easyboot Gloves on my jumper. I’m consistently impressed with how well they hold up to all the abuse we put them through. My only wish is that they were a little better with grip out on the grass “derby field” (aka the far corner of my pasture). Most of my training and competition takes place on grass or in a sand arena. I haven’t noticed much slip in the sand, but on tight rollback turns on the turf we do occasionally spin out, especially if it is the slightest bit wet. I highlighted potential trouble spots on a course diagram below. Four potential places to slip adds to up to a big loss of confidence, momentum, and speed.

Always on the search for ways to keep my horse happy, confident, and performing her best I set out to find a solution to the slipping. I wanted something elegant-the smallest change I could make to get the most benefit. I hoped that EasyCare would have the answer.

Enter the Quick Studs! After considering the physics of a tight turn I decided where a little extra traction would help the most. I applied four studs to each boot but rather than the usual pattern of one in each corner, I set them all around the outside edge of each boot.

I could see this application of quick studs working well for any horse who has to make sharp turns at speed. It’s not enough grip to bog them down, just enough to keep them confident and forward.

I always recommend Power Straps on the Glove, but I would especially recommend them if you are adding extra traction. Hey, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? As for my color choice: I’m pretty sure I could actually HEAR my trainer’s eyes rolling the first time she saw the hot pink. Le gasp. I had to promise I’d get the studs dialed in on the EasyShoe Performance before she’d be seen with me in public again.


Rebecca Balboni

Customer Service Representative

A lifetime of riding and showing sport horses has given me a deep appreciation for the importance of soundness and comfort on performance. Let me help elevate your equine experience by finding the right boot for your horse and unique situation.