Now that the snow has already started to fall in some areas, and coming soon to most others you may be thinking about extra traction on your horse’s boots. Well, it is time to get a grip – an Easyboot Grip that is.

The Easyboot Grip is essentially the Easyboot Epic with an aggressive sole and traction tread pattern.  The Easyboot Grip is ideal for the barefoot horse ridden in soft muddy conditions or wet grass and snow surfaces. The aggressive traction pattern provides better grip on these surfaces but should never be used on dry or hard surfaces so as not to cause unnecessary stress on your horse.

The Easyboot Grip is sized exactly the same as the Easyboot Epic and is available in sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3. Comfort pads may be used in the bottom of these boots and our original EasyCare studs can be installed for even greater traction.

Have you had experiences using the Easyboot Grip?

Shari Murray


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