hufShop Conference

EasyCare just returned from a partner conference with our German partner hufShop. Bernd and Claudia Jung of hufShop organize a conference with their top 40 dealers and hoof care practitioners each year. The conference is a great venue to discuss current hoof boots, future horse boot designs and ways to make them better. 

Claudia Jung of hufShop opens the Partner Conference.

One of the highlights of the conference was accepting the "Hoof Care Product Of The Year" award for the Easyboot Glove. The Glove has been an incredible product and I’m proud of what the Glove has done for barefoot horses. The Glove is a major step forward in natural hoof care. The lightweight, close-fitting design is the future of hoof boots. 

Rosi Schnitzenbaumer and Dr. Alexander Wurthmann of the BESM present the "Hoof Care Product Of The Year" to EasyCare on behalf of the Easyboot Glove

Christoph Schork of Global Endurance came along with EasyCare to help with the Easyboot Glue-On demonstration and translation. Christoph Muller of Vettec was there to talk about the adhesive product line and give an overview of application techniques. 

Christoph Schork, Garrett Ford and Christoph Muller discuss Easyboot Glue-On techniques using Vettec products.

The partner conference was quickly interrupted by cheers that rang through the village: goal! Germany was off to a one-zero start in the World Cup match against Argentina. The final four-zero result helped cap a great weekend. 

Bernd Jung, Garrett Ford and Christoph Schork celebrate the 4-0 World Cup win and another successful partner conference. 


Garrett Ford


President & CEO

I have been President and CEO of EasyCare since 1993. My first area of focus for the company is in product development, and my goal is to design the perfect hoof boot for the barefoot horse.