Submitted by Karen Bumgarner, Team Easyboot 2016 Member

I love my Easyboot Gloves because I manage to get many miles of wear from them on my horses. And sometimes the boot outlasts the gaiter. One thing I have learned about installing new gaiters on old used Gloves is that the boot has usually stretched a tiny bit, depending on how many miles I’ve put on them. When I have installed a new gaiter I sometimes get a very tight fitting gator and a bit of a pucker in the boot.

Now a person can straighten out that puckered part of the boot, but I accidentally discovered another solution: size up the gaiter. I mistakenly grabbed a #1.5 gaiter and put on a #1 Glove and it was a perfect fit. It makes sense when the used boot stretches a couple mm. I liked the way the new gaiter fit so well on the old boot that I then decided to replace the gaiter on a used #1.5 Glove. Only then did I realize my error because I couldn’t find my new #1.5 gaiter. Hmmmm – looked at the wrapper I’d tossed in the trash and it said #.5. Hmmmm. So I had a #1.5W gaiter and installed it on the #1.5 boot. Worked slick! Fits perfect and again – no puckers just a smooth snug fit on the boot.

With this one minor boo-boo of grabbing the wrong gaiter for repair, I’ve learnt just how adaptable the gaiters are. This can really pay off in spades when you or a friend are at a ride and suddenly have to replace a gaiter. No more woes about having the wrong size. You may find that you have a size that will work just fine thanks to the compatibility of boots and a slightly larger sized gaiter. Give it a whirl! It could be the best save of the week!