Our EasyCare staff embarked on the first-ever organizational retreat here in Tucson last week. We closed the office for two days and spent some valuable time exploring individual and institutional values and applying them to the broader EasyCare business model, to our vision and to our mission.

The EasyCare Team

The EasyCare Team (l to r): Chris Freeman, Michael Tilden, Russ Freeman, Gabriel Luethje, Kevin Myers, Garrett Ford, Nancy Fredrick, Shari Murray, Dee Reiter, Marcie Mendoza, Debbie Schweibert, Brian Mueller. Missing: Roger Hoefs.

We were unanimous in identifying our customers as the single most important focus – the driving force behind everything we do. Check out our newly refined core values: we are very proud of them. And we built them together.

Core Values

  • Customers are the lifeblood of our organization. Without them, there is nothing.
  • Integrity drives our products, service and teamwork.
  • Hard work is the foundation of our collective success.
  • The success of our business is dependant upon open communication.
  • The confidence in ourselves gives others the opportunity to believe in us.
  • We foster a passionate team environment and a healthy life balance.

We had some enlightening discussions about what our vision and mission means to us as a company in 2011. We spent hours talking through the fundamentals of what we do, why we do it and how we do it. It was fascinating to watch the collective wisdom of the organization unfold. The vision and mission statements below are carefully constructed from this valuable exercise of pause and reflect by every member of our team.

Pause & Reflect


  • We will be the global innovator in hoof care solutions that enhance the horse/human relationship.


  • We are the founding leaders in hoof boot innovation and education. We effect fundamental change in the global evolution of natural hoof care. We offer creative solutions to allow equines to live longer and healthier lives.
  • We are customer focused. Through active listening, we continually improve the quality, reliability and functionality of our products and services.
  • We are an American company that trades globally. We strive to be socially and environmentally responsible. Our organizational structures are designed to match and exceed customer expectations.

We had some Aha! moments; some candid discussions and we spent some time looking at individual personality profiles. It was great validation for us all to better understand our own preferred method of communication, and to see how well balanced we are as an organization in terms of diversity of personality types.

We’re well positioned for 2011. And we hope you’ll join us: great things await us all.