Understanding Racking Gaits
The family of gaits that fall into the rack end of the gait spectrum are the Rack, Saddle Rack, Stepped Rack and Half Rack. These are known by different names in the various breeds: Fino, Corto, Largo, Rocky/Mountain horse, Pleasure Gait, Trippel, Singlefoot, Fox Rack, Stepping Rack, Hreina or Pure Tolt and Fast Largo.

The Racking family of gaits falls into the symmetrical gaits which almost all have the same sequence or order of footfall. The footfall sequence of the gaits in the Rack family are the same as that of the walk right hind, right front, left hind, left front. What makes them vary is the timing of the footfall, the pick up and the support sequence.

When the horse is performing one of the rack gaits, he has to assume a frame that will allow him to perform the gait.  All versions of the rack require that the horse raise his head and neck, forming a “dip” just before the withers. The rack family is performed with a steady, upright, head and neck carriage, a ventroflexed back and up and down motion of the croup with active hocks. Length of step, degree of animation and executiion will vary among the various breeds and version of the rack family, but the basic frame remains the same.

Our customer, Lisa Griaitis, says this about her 3 year old Spotted Saddle Horse, Roy. “I am new to gaited horses but it appears that the gaited horse community really believes their horses need shoes to gait. My horse gaits without shoes with no problem. Roy wears Easyboot Epics.

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