Not only is the EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue ideal for performance, but it can also provide necessary comfort and support while recovering from an injury. Ashley Schenck of AK Barrel Horses decided to give the Versa Grip Glue a try after her horse Rusty suffered from a bone bruise. Not only did the Versa Grip Glue help Rusty during the recovery process, but now the Versa Grip Glue helps him excel in barrel racing. Ashley shares that the Versa Grip Glue “completely changed Rusty’s life and saved his career.” 

“I treated Rusty for a bone bruise a year and a half ago but was seeing little improvement 9 months after his diagnosis. I decided to take him to a new farrier, Christian McCormick, who recommended we try the Versa Grip Glue shoes. Rusty has a slightly clubbed right foot and a low left leg which needed some extra help. The Versa Grip Glue shoes have completely changed Rusty’s life and saved his career. I was a little skeptical to run him in these shoes since I hadn’t seen anything like them before. However, since coming back to competition, he has run in the Versa Grip Glue shoes 6 times, all landing in the 1D and 2D. I’m very thankful for the technology in EasyShoes that has helped me get him sound to run again.”

We are thrilled to see Ashley and Rusty running barrels again! We can’t wait to see what this team accomplishes this year.