We love to hear about our customers’ adventures when they’re out and about with their horses. Especially when they’re using EasyCare products!

Our customer, Sue, wanted to share a photo of herself and her mare, Zoey, a 19-year-old Arabian rescue.

The photo shows Sue and Zoey on the beach for a charity ride. Zoey is wearing her Back Country boots. Someone told Sue that the boots wouldn’t work for this ride because they wouldn’t stay on in the water and deep sand. Sue went ahead and completed the ride using the boots, and she was happy to find that the boots worked great in the water and sand!

Sue and Zoey love the Easyboot Back Country. They have been using the same pair since 2017. Sue has only recently had to replace the snug straps.

All of the Easyboot Back Country accessories can be purchased individually. We want our customers to be able to continue maintaining and using their boots for as long as possible.

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