My horse always had tender feet. I now know he had tender feet because they never actually had the time needed to toughen up.

I live up in the mountains where the Tevis Cup is held, and boy do these trails get rocky, I believed we would never be without shoes and I liked it. It made things easy: tack them up, pick their feet, and off you go.

I never had to worry about things. When I thought of the Easyboot, I thought of it only as a spare tire only – I never imagined using them myself. Then, one day, my farrier told me he wanted Spot’s hoof wall to grow out more to be able to throw shoes on him. He suggested Easyboots.

It was the best thing anyone has told me. My horse who had previously sustained bruises the size of my palm when ridden barefoot, is now happily going over trails that steel shoes would have been dicy on. The best part is that he’s doing it in his Easyboots.

Easyboots have changed my life dramatically. Thank you EasyCare, for making my horse happy and healthy.

Name: Rachel Stock
City: Truckee, California, USA
Equine Discipline: Other
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Epic