My 12 year-old Quarter Horse was in corrective rocker shoes for five years. After a few winters going barefoot, I decided I wanted to try barefoot trimming all year round. I tried a natural hoofcare trimmer who actually lamed my horse by removing most of his sole! By using the EasyBoot Gloves I was able to get him back into light work while waiting for his foot to grow. I chose the Easyboot Gloves so that I could compete with him. He also tends to forge in front so I wanted the lightest boots.

These boots are easy to put on and when fitted corectly they stay on. Now, one year, later x-rays show he has a foot again! I did not give up on going barefoot – just changed trimmers. She leaves his sole and he is going great! As a precaution I use the gloves on our rocky NE terrain for longer trail rides. Without the help of Easycare (Customer Service was great in helping me make the right purchases, including pads for the boots during rehab), I would have given up on going barefoot and put shoes back on. Thank you!

Name: Chris Nichols
City: South Grafton, Mass, USA
Equine Discipline: Eventing
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove