Q If my horse wears a size 1 Easyboot, Easyboot Epic, Easyboot Bare or Easyboot Grip what is the comparable size?
A The sizing for the Edge is the same as the boots above. It is always a good idea to remeasure before buying new horse boots.

Q In comparison to other boots in your line, how easy is this boot to get on and off?
A We believe this is one of the easiest boots in our line to apply and remove. The worm clamp allows the boot to open wider, and it is easy to adjust. 

Q Can I use these boots for both short and long distances?
A Yes. This boot has been tested over various terrain for both short distances and endurance rides.

Q Can the worm clamp be replaced if something happens to it?
A Yes, we have replacement parts available. Click here for Edge Accessories.

Q What if I loose the key? Is there something else I can use?
A Yes, you can use a penny or flat head screwdriver to tighten the worm clamp. We do not recommend the use of a power tool as the boot could be easily over-tightened. You can also purchase a replacement EasyKey here.

Q How tight should the boot be?
A Using the EasyKey or a manual screwdriver, you should not be able to over-tighten the boot by hand. The boot should be very snug and you should not be able to insert a hoof pick between it and the hoof. The tongue of the boot is padded for extra comfort when the boot is applied.

Q What types of feet do not fit well into the boot?
A Hooves that have excessive flare, are clubbed or that have abnormalities in the hoof wall do not fit well into this boot.

Q How should the gaiter fit?
A The gaiter should fit low and tight around the pastern. The gaiters are made out of a four-way stretch material and it is hard to get them too tight. A tight gaiter will not move around on the pastern and will not chafe.

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