Q Why is the HiTie™ better?
A The HiTie™ was developed as a secure system to tie your barefoot horse while also allowing him the comfort of being able to move more freely and lie down. Its lightweight flexible arm and bungee tether give with the horse’s movements to help create comfort and to prevent panic. With the anti-vibration/locking washer, this system is virtually silent when a horse is attached.

Q How heavy is the HiTie™ system?
A The entire system (including bungee and runner) weighs approximately 17 lb.

Q Can it be used on both sides of the trailer?
A Yes it can. Just keep in mind obstructions on the trailer such as ladders, toolboxes or windows that might prevent the arm from being rotated for travel. Many of these obstructions can be avoided if you choose the vertical swing setup.

Q Is the fiberglass arm strong enough for my horse?
A Yes. The fiberglass rod is the same material used to moor large boats up to 72,000 lb.

Q How long is the HiTie™ arm?
A The HiTie™ arm is 48” long. Along with the bungee tether, the system allows approximately 135 square feet for the horse to move around.

Q Where do I take it to get installed?
A The HiTie™ is easy to install and can be done by anyone handy with a drill and a socket set. The system comes with complete easy-to-read instructions for installation.

Q Does the arm have to be removed for travel?
A No. After rotating the arm against the trailer, make sure you tighten the anti-vibration/locking washer securely before travel. This will prevent the arm from rattling or vibrating enough to hit your trailer.

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