I rode my new mare Twist in an LD in Maryland this weekend. It had rained a lot in the past month so there was quite a lot of mud. And in some places it was deep, sucky, slimy clay mud. I was very tempted to not ride since my mare had some mild scratches on her left front heel the week prior and I was concerned with the gaiter rubbing.

I asked the vets and my trimmer and they told me that with a lot of Desitin she would probably be fine. I’m sure glad I listened because she was perfect!

I rode Twist in 4 gloves and they stayed on! She was forward the all time, nice fluid gate. I’m very pleased with the Gloves. Next ride will be Biltmore: Twist’s first 50 mile event. I’m planning on using Glue-Ons and I’m delighted the EasyCare team will be there to help and show the application process.

Yes! iBoot!

Name: Sandra Fretellière
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Country: US
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove