I have fox hunted for several years with several hunt clubs in North Carolina. One club has a territory they nick-named “The Rock Pile”. It’s atop an old mountain from which the club gets it’s name: Red Mountain Hounds. It was a joint meet with our club, Sedgefield Hounds and Red Mountain Hounds. The only people from our club was me, our huntsman, Fred Berry, and one whipper-in, hard-core 87 year old Lloyd Lyons. I booted my sweet mare, Dewees (HanXHol) on all four feet with my Old Mac’s G2. We galloped up and down, and up and down those rocky trails. People were pulling out because their horses were pulling shoes or coming up with bruised feet. I was delighted that my mare had nice protection and after the hunt, she was tired but her feet were beautiful and bare!

Name: Sandy Judy
City: Gibsonville, NC USA
Equine Discipline: Other
Favorite Boot: Old Mac’s G2