So you have measured and fitted your equine partner with EasyCare boots to eliminate hoof problems for your horse. What about you now?

Foot pain can be a problem for humans as well as our equine partners. It is usually the result of compromised circulation or pinched nerves which can be caused by your riding boots aor your stirrups. What to do?

There is a great article written by Jennifer Nice in the May 2010 Horse Illustrated magazine that touches on some of the causes and remedies. Jennifer recommends our EZ Ride Stirrups, so check out the great information she provides.

Make certain your riding boots are just that:riding boots! You need comfort in your boots just like your horse needs comfort in his/her boots. If your boots are the best for comfort, then it may be your stirrups are your issue.

Have a look at the EZ Ride Stirrups by EasyCare. These really are the ultimate in trail stirrups for comfort, fatigue elimination, knee and back pain prevention and even distribution of your weight in the stirrup. Your horse will benefit by your having a more balanced position in the saddle.

Standard Aluminum          Nylon with Cage

EasyCare has several variations of the EZ Ride to accommodate everyone. We carry the aluminum stirrup as well as the nylon stirrup. We have stirrups with cages, tapaderos and also leather covered. Colors offered are brown and black with topbar sizes from 1 inch up to 3 inches.

Our EasyCare product line carries a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but the pain.

Nancy Fredrick


EasyCare Office Manager

As the office manager, I make sure the general operations of the organization run smoothly and seamlessly from A to Z. I have been on the EasyCare team since 2001 and have first hand product knowledge as my horses are barefoot and booted.