I often hear people suggesting hoof boots based upon the boot that works for their horse, however what worked for their horse might not work for another horse. Not all horses’ feet are the same shape. Not every rider rides in the same environment and/or conditions, thus the reason why it’s so awesome EasyCare has created such a variety of boots.

These three feet each have a story, and they each have worn a different boot when they were in different stages of transition.

The hoof on the far left belongs to Chamaco (pictured above). He was in shoes for years and had a founder incident, he also tested positive for IR. He was rehabbed in the Easyboot Rx, then was ridden in the Easyboot Glove. Because of the shape of his feet he was having some boot twisting issues on his hinds. That was solved by putting him in the Easyboot Back Country. His owner loves to blaze the trails, go through creeks and mud, and as you can see Chamaco just floats in his boots. The Back County is the boot that works well for Chamaco and his owner.

The hoof in the middle belongs Geo (pictured above). He was also in shoes and had very deep painful thrush. His owner needed a boot that was easy to get on and off, and Geo needed a boot for protection. The low mileage Easyboot Trail was the perfect boot during his transition. Geo has progressed and is now being ridden on the beautiful Pacific Northwest trails. He needed a different boot to handle the change of riding style (more aggressive and challenging conditions) but one that was still easy for his owner to use. The Easyboot Back Country fit his situation and they are now blazing the trails for hours with no worries about losing a boot.

The hoof on the far right belongs to a pretty mare named Cheyanne (pictured above). She had a bad laminitic incident this past spring and the Easyboot Rxs were used for her rehab. Her owner is now happily riding her lightly in the Easyboot Gloves, with no hint of lameness.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, riding a variety of horses (Stitch, pictured above, wears the Easyboot Glove on rocky trails), and servicing a variety of clients, I no longer have one favorite Easyboot. My favorite is the boot that works for the horse and the rider.  EasyCare has met the challenge, they have the boot that fits your horse and your needs. To find the boot that works best for you, shop EasyCare, or find hands on help from your nearest EasyCare dealer. Happy riding!

Amy Allen, Amy Allen Horsemanship