New product alert! The EasyShoe 3D is coming summer 2023!

The EasyShoe 3D is a composite glue-on horseshoe designed for track and arena sports. The EasyShoe 3D is integrated with frog support by 3D HoofCare and finger tabs for easy gluing. Simply stand the horse in the horseshoe and apply the tabs using Super Glue. No welding required. 

What are hoof care professionals saying about the EasyShoe 3D? Take a look at Mandy’s initial thoughts.

“I absolutely LOVE these shoes! Miss Gidget agrees. After I put her back into her paddock she spent a long time yawning, then chewing, lots of big tension releases.
They aren’t as thick as the EasyShoe Versa Grip Octo, being 12mm thick instead of 16mm, however judging by the way the Octos wear, I expect to easily get 3 resets out of them. That’s incredible, considering steel shoes are pushed to get one cycle of 6 weeks per set!
I’m continuously surprised by how much growth the horses are getting in these shoes. I only trimmed and reset her two weeks ago, and she already had a significant amount of growth both in wall height, and also sole depth.
The EasyShoe 3D looks so neat and elegant. The narrower tread will give better grip and ease of lateral breakover, reducing strain. Can’t wait to get back into the dressage arena with these ones on!”
Thank you for sharing this fantastic feedback, Mandy! Keep an eye on EasyCare’s social media for more testing updates and announcements.