We wanted to share a success story that our customer, Janice, shared with us recently. She has had a great experience using the Easyboot Cloud.  

The Easyboot Clouds have been brilliant for Fifi! This is a photo of Fifi in her boots back in April.

They have done wonders for Fifi. The boots, the podiatrist’s care, and careful feeding have her currently laminitis free and pain free.

When we rescued Fifi she was two years old, starving, and very thin. She was covered in lice with a very bad worm burden. She is now 24 years old and has PPID, which she receives medication for. She is the sweetest pony, and she has spent the past 22 years here with our other rescued ponies.

I only wish I had gotten the Easyboot Clouds for Fifi’s sister who had laminitis problems, too. Unfortunately I trusted the advice and the supposed better knowledge of my farrier as well as my vet, who also dismissed hoof boots as not being helpful. Sadly, Fifi’s sister was finally put to sleep when the laminitis and the farrier had caused too much damage.

So far with Fifi we seem to be getting the right care for her.

She loves her boots. They are the best thing I ever got her.