It’s always best to carry emergency supplies on the saddle “just in case” – especially when travelling 100 miles.

With husband/owner Patrick handling, Fergus had his boots firmly glued on by the EasyCare Crew the Wednesday afternoon before Tevis. Despite the fact they were firmly glued, I like to be prepared so still carried an entire set of Gloves with us. If I could have, I would have carried a spare girth as well – but that’s just silly, right? (I had it in my crew box, though).

I feel the green boot bags on the back of the saddle add to the overall ensemble:

Fergus and I arrive at Robinson Flat (36 miles) still in one piece. Other than the words “check for boot funkiness” appearing in my crew notes, the boots were mostly ignored, which is how it should be. Photo by Ashley Wingert.
Other things I carried but didn’t use:
  • Sunglasses for 68 miles… never wore them. All the better to fill my eyes with eyeball mascara (aka Tevis crud).
  • Ziploc baggie of horse fud for 100 miles… Fergus took two mouthfuls out of it while I was hopping around on one leg, trying to get rid of a cramp at 45 miles.
  • Lip salve for 100 miles.. It is better to complain the next day about chapped lips.
  • First aid kit for 100 miles. I did actually use the vet wrap when one of my calves was being unbearably rubbed by an errant bit of saddle trim. See, better to be prepared?
  • Numerous munchies for 100 miles… but you must be sure not to eat them, lest they make you feel better.

So proud of my big borrowed golden horse – crossing the finish line. (photo: Gore/Baylor)

We completed the Western States Trail 100 Mile Ride in 23 hours, 10 minutes, at 4:25 a.m. on Sunday 5th August – approximately 24 hours after getting on the horse the previous morning. It was my first completion and Fergus’ first 100 mile ride.
Fergus has never in his life felt so solid, nor gaited such a distance (he generally walks big, trots bigger, and canters). Having never worn shoes in his ten years, boots have taken him places that none of us dreamed he would go. And he never put a foot wrong.
(five million word version to follow)
Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
Sierra Foothills, California