Book coverThis looks to be a pretty nifty book!   Somehow this little jewel got past my radar and I am just now getting around to ordering it.   With references to names like Pete Ramey, Dr. Robert Bowker, Dr. Chris Pollitt, Jaime Jackson, Dr. Hildred Strasser and K.C. La Pierre, you know it is going to have some great information. 

It’s been  called ground-breaking and explores the belief that all horses need shoes and examines in a balanced way the choices available to owners and the potential benefits of working horses barefoot.  It explores the issues surrounding barefoot horses and looks in detail at improving overall hoof health of shod and barefoot horses.

The book offers a practical, hands-on advice on achieving barefoot performance in a variety of disciplines – from eventing and hunting to endurance – focusing on the essential elements for healthy hooves: diet, environment, exercise and trimming or shoeing. In addition, the book has step-by step advice on rehabilitating problem hooves with case studies of horses with a range of issues, from navicular or tendon damage to metabolic disorders like laminitis and insulin resistance.

The authors have successfully ridden and competed their own horses barefoot for many years and have helped many hundreds of their clients’ horses work successfully without shoes.


  1. I had the pleasure of working with both Sarah and Nic when I travelled to Europe and Britain for some trimming experience. I have not yet had the enjoyment of reading their book (will order asap!!) but I can testify that both ladies are very capable trimmers and their own and clients horses are a testament to their skill. I even had a ride on one of Nic’s hunters over the Devon countryside – and didn’t fall off!!

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