No, not the fear of commitment as in getting married (which is usually a guy thing) but the fear of pulling your horse’s shoes and committing to natural hoofcare for your horse.

Hard Work & Dedication
Studies have proven that people that take that big scary step and commit to being married are happier and live longer.

It could be that your horse may enjoy increased health being barefoot. Just as a marriage takes hard work and dedication, so does keeping your horse barefoot. You may encounter rough spots along the way as you transition from shod to barefoot, although most don’t.

From Cold Feet to Bare Feet

If you are unsure about taking your horse barefoot, EasyCare can help make it much easier for you. Give our dedicated customer service team a call at 1-800-447-8836 and they can help you with how to measure the hooves for the Easyboot Glove or any of our boot styles that will be needed for the transition and which boot will be best for you and your horse. 

Worth a Try
You won’t know if barefoot is right for you and your horse until you try it. So go ahead and pull the shoes. And get married if you want.

Shari Murray


Customer Service

If you call the customer service help desk, you’ll probably get me on the phone! I process repairs, returns, credits and exchanges that come into EasyCare.