My name is Erin Wolcott, and I am so excited to join the Product Specialist Team here at EasyCare, Inc.!

I grew up on a cattle ranch in Mancos, Colorado. When I was very young, I remember thinking how cool it would be if we could turn each one of our cows into a horse. Alas, our ranch was horse-less until I was eleven years old when a neighbor gifted me one of his retired roping horses. I went on to try all kinds of activities on horseback such as mounted shooting, show jumping, roping calves, running barrels, and taking horses on an extended packing trip. Horses have always been such a source of joy and adventure in my life.

I decided to major in Equine Sciences when it was time to go to college. Colorado State University has the number one Equine Sciences program in the country, so it seemed like an obvious decision for me. I had no idea what I would do with this degree, but all of the classes sounded so fun! I got to take courses in colt starting, horse judging, trail riding, exercise physiology, equine nutrition, reproduction, riding instructor training, diseases, and many more. After graduation, I wanted to broaden my knowledge beyond horses, so I went on to earn a Masters of Agriculture in Integrated Resource Management. This coursework combined rangeland ecology, animal science, and agricultural business.

I heard about a cutting horse ranch in Oklahoma that was hiring a breeding manager when I was almost finished with my Masters program. I decided to apply, and a few weeks later I accepted the job, never having visited Oklahoma. I finished my Masters online while I started my new job, and Oklahoma ended up being a fantastic experience. I learned so much more about equine reproduction, how to manage a large herd of horses, how to sale fit yearlings, how to manage a ranch office, and how to wake up every twenty minutes through the night when I had a mare that was about to foal. I learned about the cutting discipline, and I got to try it out. It turns out cutting is more difficult than it looks, but it’s a lot of fun!

Cooling off in the Oklahoma heat.

After several years in Oklahoma, I decided to move back to Colorado to take a teaching position at a community college as an Equine Science Instructor. I loved getting back in the books and “nerding out” over horse coat color genetics and reproductive hormones, but ultimately, I didn’t think that teaching was for me.

I accepted an opportunity to travel around Europe for a little over a year instead. I took German language courses, traveled to cities and sites I’d always dreamed of, and used Workaway to find part-time jobs on farms or in hostels. These jobs were in more out-of-the-way places where I could get a better understanding of local culture and get to know people with such varied and interesting backgrounds and experiences. I especially loved my time working on an Icelandic Horse farm in Northern Germany.

Erin and Njörvi, an Icelandic Stallion.

I moved back to the United States at the beginning of 2019, and came back to the family ranch. I helped out with some long-term business planning, irrigation, fencing, and keeping the cattle happy. Towards the end of the summer, though, I was ready for something more, and I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that EasyCare’s headquarters were right here in Durango.

Becoming a Product Specialist here at EasyCare seems like the perfect fit for me. I’m so interested in learning as much as I can about hoof care and how to best utilize Easyboots and EasyShoes. I’m so happy to be involved in the equine industry again and to have the opportunity to help customers keep their horses’ hooves in the best possible shape.


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