Here’s our group out on a Saturday afternoon in beautiful southern Arizona looking for some stray steers.

My QH/TB I call “Big” travels in Epics wherever he goes. When I purchased him a couple of years ago he had serious horse hoof problems. We yanked the horse shoes off of him and I left him barefoot for a couple of months using consistent, natural hoof trimming methods. The Epics were a perfect fit for him along with comfort pads that made him a happy camper!

Stopping periodically to insure your boots are secure, that your gaiters are good and tight, and that no debris has found its’ way into your hoof boot, will help prevent rubbing issues or hoof problems.


The rough terrain we work in includes steep hills and sandy washes but no matter how bad it gets the EasyCare boots never fail. When we get home there is minimal dirt in the boots, but the best thing is that Big’s horse hoof problems are gone. Barefoot trimming and natural horse care play a big role in the success of your horses’ health. Thanks to EasyCare!

Posted by Marcie Mendoza