Dawn in the zoneHoof Care practitioner Dawn Willoughby of Wilmington, Delaware, took a walk on the wild side this past January. Dawn ventured over to Panama to meet with some forward thinkers there to do a clinic on natural horse care and barefoot trimming.  Dawn took a few samples of EasyCare hoof boots with her to show them that instead of iron horse shoes they can quickly and easily slip on a pair of EasyCare protective hoof boots.  Pictured is Dawn in action along with Moria an Arabian, owned by Mario Chamorro.  Moria is sporting some Easyboot Epics while moving some Brahma beef cattle. 

Epics in the thick cover




  1. I really have to thank Dawn, because with the right fitting boot our life changed. Before, Moria would be ouchy on the road and we would argue all the way. Now we are the ones cutting the way of the heard. If someone has to run to the front, we’re on it. We have a much better relationship thanks to our Easyboots. Thank you!!