Bo in his EpicsHere’s Martha’s boy pictured in his Epic’s after a long struggle and discouraging months of horse shoe’s ripping off his feet, deteriorating hoof walls, unhealthy frogs, to name a few of his horse hoof problems.

Martha Masiello tells us of how at first she pondered with the idea of making the barefoot transition. After researching all she could find on horse hoof boots, barefoot trimming and any other information that could be helpful she made a decision, and that was to go barefoot.

To make matters even worse during the whole process, her horse developed Lyme disease. It was difficult to determine whether his sensitive hooves were due to that or being barefoot. After a few months of letting his damaged feet heal Martha contacted her local barefoot trimmer, EasyCare’s Rep Dawn Willoughby. Together Martha and Dawn brought Squire back to good health.

The Easyboot Epic was their choice and after a few months of lots of trotting and walking, he was doing great. They are now enjoying long trail rides on all types of rough terrain as well as cross country jumping. The Epics made them both feel totally secure, the boots have great traction, especially since they go through many creeks on their trails. Happy Riding you two!

Posted by Marcie Mendoza