My recent experience with an unbroke horse and neglected hooves forced me to take another look at the Easyboot Epics. All because Debbie Schweibert had called me to see how things were going, and I gave her my tale of woes of how the Easyboot Gloves wouldn't stay on this new horse I'd been given. I'd tried everything I could think of but they'd fly off in a canter and twist off in a turn. Yes his hooves were oddly shaped and distorted. Yes he was difficult to fit. Yes I was continually trying to trim and remodel his misshapen hooves a little at a time. And now he was a bit foot sore and needed to have boots for protection.

So we discussed Easyboot Glue-On's and going that route, as the Sikaflex would offer more cushion and the glue would keep them from flying off. But this horse has been somewhat of a series of problems and I wasn't sure how much money I was sinking into this "free" horse. So she brought up the topic of Epics. She said I could cinch them on nice and tight and they should work. So I decided that was a great idea! I could always use the boots on another horse if I needed. Two heads really are better than one.

I quickly grabbed my tape measure, and measured him for Epics. Then shot Debbie an email with the measurements, and before i knew it, a new pair of Epics were on the way! 

I was pretty excited and took the new Epics over to the trainers, who was a bit skeptical to say the least. But we put them on Brass and were able to adjust them so they fit pretty darn tight. Now came the moment of truth as we went out to the arena. After a few initial maneuvers Ted asked Brass to trot and the boots hugged his hooves nicely. He cantered around without any trouble at all. And when he hit a rock with his newly trimmed and tender booted hooves he didn't even wince with the Epics (with the Gloves he would get off the rocks quickly). It appears that the Epics have a more rigid and therefore protective sole. This has got me thinking that perhaps I haven't been giving the Epic boot the credit that it deserves, and perhaps I should recommend it more often. I've had such great luck with Gloves that I always lean towards that particular boot. 

The bonus to all this was that because the Epics apparently offered his soles more protection, Brass was moving out willingly, comfortably and without a single limp. The very next day he did a four hour ride, across ditches, through the mud, into the Snake River, and the Epics stayed on without even a twist or turn!  And thanks to the Epics, Brass has been able to remain in training and I have just started to ride him myself. All very exciting and it couldn't have happened without Epics saving the day! 

Karen Bumgarner