Submitted by Fabrice Creignou, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

I have an endurance stable with 15 horses to train in the west part of France. I began the competitions this year with the Performance N/G model: I preferred gluing for the training period and nailing for the competitions. But, as I got more and more confident, I also competed with the Performance glue only model. I could notice less joints and tendons traumas.

Riders around me got more and more interested in the EasyShoes. Several of them started to try them and were very satisfied. One of them is using the Compete model on his thoroughbred and he even won a race.

Here are some 2015 performances with the EasyShoes:

  • Four places on 90km rides (limited speed to 16km/h)
  • Three victories on 90km (free speed, over 17km/h)
  • Three places on CEI* (90km international level)
  • Three places on CEI** 
  • Fifth place finish on a 2x100km CEI***, in Samorin in Slovakia (Speed over 20km/h)

I would like to thank EasyCare for these very interesting shoes that provide horses with the best comfort and allow the natural movement of the foot. I am very excited to discover further innovations.