EasyCare currently manufactures more flexible, urethane, hoof care products than any company in the world. We manufacture several versions and sizes of urethane boots, glue-on shells, hybrid protection options that are a cross between a glue-on shell and a shoe, glue-on shoes, and shoes that can be applied using glue or nails.

With so many shoe options offered by EasyCare, why another shoe? The new EasyShoe Versa focuses on three main areas that we believe will help the horse, horse owner, and farrier.

  1. Ease of application.
  2. Affordability.
  3. Comfort and wear.
Clipped version right front. Urethane version left front.

The EasyShoe Versa is designed to go on a horse quickly and easily, with little modification required. There are only 4mm between sizes in both the front and hind patterns. Because there are more sizes, it’s very likely that farriers will be able to find a size to just drop on. A couple of rasp strokes should be all that is needed for the shoe that needs adjustment.

The Versa has 12 nailing locations in the front pattern and 10 nailing locations in the hind pattern. Nails can also be located above the clip, if needed. Open nail slots eliminate modification time spent drilling.

Many horse owners can see how the shock absorbing benefits of urethane can add more years of soundness to their equine partners, but they find many urethane options too cost prohibitive. The better brands of steel shoes cost roughly $7.00-$12.00 per pair. Better urethane shoes cost $30.00-$60.00 per pair. The goal of the EasyShoe Versa is to come to the market with a urethane shoe that costs $15.00-$29.00 per pair. We want to reduce the cost barrier so more horse owners can give these shoes a try.

In addition, we have focused on manufacturing techniques with less waste, fewer steps, and fewer parts. The internal metal plate and side clips lower the cost and add strength. We expect many to be able to reset the EasyShoe Versa and get more than one shoeing out of each pair. Distance riders on rough ground will most likely only get one shoeing. In any case, we believe these shoes bring together the comfort, durability, and ease of application features that we all want in one affordable package.

We are in production now, and our goal is to release twenty sizes of the EasyShoe Versa in December 2019 or early January 2020.


  1. I currently use Terraflex/ Blue Pegasus shoes (nailed on) with success but my farrier finds it frustrating that the nail holes are not pre drilled. I love that the Versa will have holes in the shoe similar to a steel shoe and am keen to try.
    Are you able to confirm:
    do you use the same nails as you would for steel shoes?
    are the Versa similar in sizing to the Terraflex?
    will these be available to buy in Australia or will they have to be imported?
    are there hind and fore shoes? With the Terraflex all shoes are the same can be used for both front and hinds.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Most any nail will work with these shoes. The E-Head nails tend to work the best with any urethane shoe because they have larger heads.

      The Versa will have its own sizing chart so you can find the appropriate size based on your horse’s hoof measurements.

      It is likely that our dealers in Australia will offer these shoes.

      There will be both a front hoof version and a hind hoof version of the Versa.

      Thank you for asking! And let us know if you have any more questions.

  2. Can we cut a crack in the frog area like the Performance N/G has so heel can have more freedom to move independently? (important for rocky mountain trails) and what about the metal plate, is it spring steel or stiff? does it rust?

    • Good questions! The Versa is designed to work as a heart bar. If you are looking for more flexibility, we suggest the EasyShoe Perfrmance N/G or the EasyShoe Flex Open Heel. Both these shoes offer the independent movement you are seeking. The metal plate in the Versa is not spring steel, and as long as none of it is exposed it will not rust.

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